And So The Journey Begins…

Hey y’all! Welcome to “Wife on the Homestead!” This blog will follow our journey from life in suburbia to living on a little piece of land right outside the town that I grew up in. When Zach and I started dating about 8 years ago, we always dreamed about our life looking a little different than most. Then life actually happened… We got married, got pregnant, graduated college, moved back home to the area we both grew up in, Zach got a great job, got pregnant again, etc…. (You see how this is going…) Life just happened SO FAST and before we knew it, we were 6 years into our marriage with two kids and we just felt like our life was exactly what we never wanted!

We had dreamed of living a life that did not bear any resemblance to the “American Dream.” We wanted nothing to do with the rat race of life in the city. In theory, we wanted to live in a small house with little luxuries and we wanted to raise our kids to see the beauty of simplicity. Well in case you’re wondering how that turned out… That is a lot easier to dream up when you’re two broke, married college kids waiting tables at a local restaurant just trying to make the car payments than it is when you actually have a little bit of money to make decisions with. Now don’t get me wrong, we are a one income family and we have always been on a budget, but somewhere along the way we lost sight of what our goals were and we got caught up in the appeal of it all. We weren’t going to let the Jones’ make us look bad.

Fast forward to the Summer of 2017. We had a terrible tragedy in our family and we lost one of the best of us, my Daddy. My life was ripped apart and shattered into a million pieces. I had never been in a world without my Daddy before and I had no direction. All I did know was that this life is so fragile and I didn’t want to waste anymore of the time I have left stuck in a cycle of life that I found no joy in. I have always felt like God has called me to a “simpler” life and I felt like, thus far, I hadn’t been listening. Seeing how quickly life can be taken away was a wake-up call for me to stop wasting time saying “someday.” I realized it isn’t a matter of what I have when I die, or how far up the ladder I have climbed; it’s a matter of what legacy I will leave behind. Will my kids understand the love of Jesus? Will they truly understand what is important in life?

One thing that Zach and I used to talk about with my parents before the accident, was getting a piece of land and building a family homestead together. It was always a pipe dream for me. I knew it would be a long way off IF it ever did happen. My dad, however, had actually been on the search for land for my parents to build on in the months leading up to his accident. I don’t know what exactly led any of us to actually fulfill this homestead dream, but when my mom decided to sell her house, it just seemed like a logical next move for all of us. And so the adventure began…

After what seemed like FOREVER searching for land, we finally found the perfect spot right outside my hometown of Denison, Texas. My mom bought 11 acres and then sold us 2. And so here we are…

What I want this homestead to be, for our little family of four, is a slower pace of life and a fresh start. One that focuses on working hard with our hands for what we have so we can learn to appreciate the generosity of God and all that he has given us. One that allows us to lessen our negative impact on the planet, even just a little! I believe we are able to hear and see God move and work more when we can be silent and still. What better place to do that than our own little piece of land, just off the beaten path.


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